Contact Center Hiring: Finding the Best Way to Recruit

Finding the right people to work in your contact center is critically important. Hiring the wrong people will not only turn off customers and hurt sales; it will also negatively impact the attitudes of other workers in your organization. When faced with a bad labor market many companies simply hire whomever they can get, with very little prescreening, and hope they can train the new employees to become star agents in a short timeframe. The problem with this approach is that it puts a tremendous strain on those involved in the recruiting and training process. Not only will supervisors waste…

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Contact Center Hiring: It All Starts with the Ad

Want to attract the best possible candidates for your contact center openings? Start by tweaking the wording of that “help wanted” ad you’ve been posting in the local papers or online. By making it clear to applicants what the job responsibilities are, and what specific skill sets are required, you can reduce the amount of prescreening and get qualified candidates to the interview stage faster Discover More. Describing the Job The starting point in any successful contact center hiring campaign is an accurate and complete description of the position. The description you put in your ad should include all the…

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The 7 ‘Needs-Focused’ Leadership Roles You Need to Improve Your Call Center

If you’re looking to improve your call center’s leadership, try “needs-focused leadership.” Needs-focused leadership allows your managers to assume different roles in order to give your agents what they need to grow and improve in their jobs. Call center managers are much more effective leaders when they’re able to match each agent’s developmental level. But to do this they must understand the different leadership roles required to meet the needs of the agent. Furthermore, they must develop skill sets within each of those roles to properly address each need. What follows are seven “needs-focused” leadership roles that you can put…

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